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Hockeystick C22 4010 Low Bow Junior +1 extra grip


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Hockeystick C22 4010 Low Bow Junior +1 extra grip


  • Ordered today, Processed tomorrow


The Dutch Twaron C224010 Low Bow  Junior hockey stick is ideal for the all-round hockey player! This C224010 Low Bow  Junior hockey stick is part of the Dutch Twaron Braid© series from Csign. The braiding around the entire stick makes this line the most innovative stick in the world with the latest Dutch developments.


The Csign Dutch Twaron C224010 Low Bow  is a fieldhockey stick that consists of 40% carbon, 10% twaron and 50% fiberglass. This gives the stick a strong hitting and pushing force. Due to the twaron braid, the damping is very high and the touch is very soft.

Curve & Curl

The curve of the stick is a low bow 24mm. The curl is based on a Maxi-head design for easy stick handling. A perfect stick for an all-round/advanced hockey player. Ideal for using all hockey techniques such as hitting, flats & push passes. The curl has a rough sandblast structure for excellent ball control.

Innovation & Grip

The new Csign Twaron braid technology is a high-end Dutch development that provides the ultimate feeling in the stick. The properties of ultimate stiffness in combination with the high damping in the stick give a perfect feeling. The high damping modules can often be felt as a ‘sweet spot’. Even with deviant contact with the ball!


The junior stick is available in 4 lengths: 32.5”/33.5”/34.5” and 35.5”. Size advice: the ideal length is the distance from the ground to the navel; make sure you are standing upright while wearing hockey shoes.


Csign has a matte, thick grip around the stick. This grip feels soft and provides extra cushioning. When purchasing this stick, an extra, free grip is included! This Dutch Twaron Low Bow Junior hockey stick is the most innovative fieldhockey stick of the moment with the very latest techniques: Super light weight, good stiffness for maximum power, extremely high damping, DUTCH MADE!

Material: 40% carbon – 10% Twaron  – 50% glassfiber

Bow: Low bow 24mm

Curl: Maxi head

Colour: Black/White

Weight: 520 gr

Length: 32.5”/33.5”/34.5”/35.5”


-High impact power

-Light weight

-Ultra strong

-Dutch Twaron-Carbon braid [head to toe]

-Sand blast curl for extra ball control

-Soft touch

-Cushioned grip

-QR design for quick navigation to exercises

Weight0,6 kg




Stick size

32,5 inch, 33,5 inch, 34,5 inch, 35,5 inch


Black, Orange

Stick bow

Low bow


Advanced, Beginner

Carbon percentage


Type stick


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C22 line