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CGreen Dumbbell 50cm


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CGreen Dumbbell 50cm


In stock

  • Ordered today, Processed tomorrow


Dumbbell 50cm

CGreen – C- Dumbbell

Length: 0.5 meters / Diameter: 90 cm / Weight: 3 KG

Do you want to improve your strength & fitness with recycled products? Then CGreen products are definitely for you!

With the Dumbbell from CGreen you can combine fitness and strength training options.

CGreen Dumbbell

CGreen develops sustainable high-quality accessories for the sports, fitness and crossfit market by exclusively using the most sustainable materials. Our direct collaboration with therapists, athletes, sports boxes, clubs and gyms ensures further development of innovative products with a recycled character that will improve your sports performance.

Almost every (sports) exercise is suitable for performing with this set of dumbbells. The heavier the weights in your hands, the more challenging the exercises and the faster you will achieve results. Whether you exercise to become physically stronger, to heal a (sports) injury faster or to release your energy after a long day of work, with this dumbbell set of 2 x 5 kilograms you can achieve the best results every time. get the most out of your workout.


CGreen’s dumbbells are robust, made from one piece. This keeps the weight in balance. The cord at the end makes it easy to pick up the rope and use it for alternative lifting exercises.

The 3 kg dumbbells can be used for, for example, a squat, a biceps curl, a step up, a stiff-legged deadlift, a shoulder press, a hammer curl, a tate press or a normal crunch. Pilates workouts can be made a lot more physically challenging with a set of dumbbells. By holding the weights in your hands, you create extra weight and make the exercise performed more difficult.

Improve your sports performance immediately!

The CGreen Dumbbells are a great solution for improving your fitness and strength. During a training you can work on many exercises. It trains many body parts in a fun way, such as your hands, arms, shoulders, back, abdomen and legs.

CGreen dumbbells are supplied with recycled materials as standard. Our ropes come from the ports where they were used for lift and pulling applications. If the ropes are discarded, they are normally placed in the incinerator. Which is not good for our environment. This creates a lot of carbon dioxide, which causes global warming! CGreen gives a second life to these ropes by collecting them, processing them and braiding them into sports materials. Win, win, win! Win, a second life, Win, a better environment, Win, a healthy and strong body.

Sustainable for a lifetime!

When your rope starts to wear out, you don’t have to buy a new one. At CGreen you have a rope forever. Using our braiding technique we can make your dumbbell as good as new!




















Weight3,9 kg
Dimensions50 × 12 × 12 cm