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Improve your padel skills with the new padel rackets from Csign Sports

With the new padel rackets from Csign Sports you are able to improve your game on the padel court. The rackets are available in 3 different types and 3 different shapes, each with their own playing characteristics. This wildly popular sport is growing fast! The fast, dynamic game that is played with four players requires speed, technique and running ability. What are you waiting for? Challenge yourself!

Csign padel rackets thanks to high-end technical development

Csign’s padel rackets are made of high-quality EVA foam with a frame of the unique Carbon-Twaron combination developed by Csign. These materials are known for their solid character. The Twaron provides pleasant cushioning. In addition, you experience good control, comfort and power.

The ideal racket for every player

The Csign padel rackets are available in 5K, 8K and 12K for the novice, advanced or professional player respectively. Each racket has its own shape and therefore its own sweet spot where the ball is hit. The 5K has a round blade, the 8K has a teardrop shape and the 12K has a Diamond shape. Go to the rackets in the shop and discover all the features!

Why Csign Sports?

Csign Sports is thé ultimate sports shop with sports in its DNA. With high-tech machinery, broad knowledge and a broad network, Csign Sports develops a wide range of padel products. Your level and experience don’t matter, with the padel rackets and gear from Csign Sports everyone can become a better player with improved technical skills.