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“We give industrial items a second live”

Do you want to improve your strength & condition with recycled products? Sports clubs, members and athletes show their support for waste reduction and a circular economy while getting fit by using CGreen products!

Improve your sports performance immediately!

The CGreen items are a great solution for improving your fitness and strength. With the CGreen items you can get started with many exercises. You can train different body parts such as your hands, arms, shoulders, back, stomach and legs in a fun way.

CGreen’s items are made of recycled materials. For example, ours are originally from the ports where they were used for lift and tow applications. When the ropes are rejected, they are normally put in the incinerator. Which is not good for our environment. This creates a lot of carbon dioxide, which causes global warming: the greenhouse effect! CGreen gives a second life to these ropes by collecting, processing and braiding them into sports materials. win, win, win! Win, a second life, Win, a better environment, Win, a healthy and strong body.

You can use the CGreen items in the gym, at the club, urban, at home, in the garden or on vacation so that you can train anywhere!


Sustainable battle rope for a lifetime!

When your CGreen items like your rope start to wear out you don’t need to buy new ones. At CGreen you have a rope forever. With our braiding technique we can make your rope as good as new, at a reduced rate!

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Are you interested in the possibilities?

Contact us and we will tell you all about CGreen, our products and the possibilities for you. This way you can improve your strength & condition with recycled products.
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